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For years I was slim - and ate and drank what I wanted. Then, as for many of us, middle age happened. I kept eating and drinking what I wanted… and ballooned up in weight and lost any fitness I had to start with (which wasn’t that much, granted!).

Then, like 2.5 million of us in this country, I found that I had diabetes.

It’s a familiar story. It might even be your story too, or that of someone you love. The road back to good health can look long and daunting. The prospect of cutting back on the foods that you love… of having to start exercising… it’s not everyone’s cup of herbal tea!

But I’d like to offer you some hope.

In six months I shed four stone. I found a diet that I really enjoyed. And I discovered the satisfaction – of not only being able to exercise moderately - but actually enjoying it too.

But the biggest achievement was to reverse my diabetes. Doctors may tell you that diabetes is incurable. Once you have it, you’ll always have it. Well yes, but what has happened to me is that I no longer have the symptoms, I can eat and drink (within reasonable limits) what I want.

I have even been told by my doctor to give up medication I have been taking for seven years - because I know longer suffer from high blood pressure.

Let me tell you one wonderful fact about this diet: it allows you to eat five times a day. Yes, five. And not hamster food either. But delicious fish, meat and even chocolate. The book has filling, nutritious and tasty recipes and meal plans that show you the way to a new, leaner, healthier you. And you can even eat out on this diet!

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Burger with salad for lunch, just one of many appetising meals in the book



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