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If you are a member of the press, we would be pleased to provide more information and images from the book, Andrew Owen and the diet and exercise regime that has helped him to reverse his diabetes.

Andrew is also available for interview.

A press release together with images will be available to download shortly


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£1 from every copy sold will be donated to Diabetes UK Cymru Diabetes UK Cymru

Endorsement by Diabetes UK Cymru

"None of us get unfit overnight, it's a slow process of eating a 'few extra biscuits' a day that add up over the years.
This is compounded by getting out of the habit of regular activity - the result is a diabetes epidemic that is sweeping the country.
Andrew has clearly taken his wake up call seriously, and with a few lifestyle changes, and a lot of determination, has managed to turn his life around giving himself a brand new healthier future".

Dai Williams, National Director

Diabetes UK Cymru


Pictures and documents will be available in this area for download shortly